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FAQ - about YBAMA

YBAMA is an “industry wide” pre-professional organization, a career guild for all youth, starting in the Sacramento Sierra region, who are seeking access to the best knowledge and experiences in Broadcast and Media as they journey through school, developing jobs and projects, to become full fledged professionals.

Mastering the creative skills in the field of Digital Media Arts… choosing and getting into top notch post secondary schools… finding great mentors and jobs… building a successful career… becoming known in the field as an important entrepreneur…. building a great network of peer artists friends and dedicated business partners… are all reasons for joining and growing the Youth Broadcast and Media Association, YBAMA.

Youth aged 14 – 20, interested in any aspect of successful professional digital, audio, visual, creative, technical, support and business skills… interested in being part of the 21st Century digital media arts workforce… are invited to join. YBAMA is the first such organization for digital media youth to exist.

See Useful Links for a partial directory of the various Guilds, Unions, Associations and Societies you can join.

Professionals belong to specialty guilds - directors, actors, writers, cinematographers, musicians, animators, technicians - to improve their incomes, hone their skills, protect their rights, and have advantages in sharing and growing with their peers. Most ‘craft’ guilds are exclusive requiring an existing member to sponsor new members or require having paid professional job credits to earn a 'guild card’. Professional guilds are like unions. They set professional standards, help with specialized training, handle professional ethics and behavior, and offer protective and work benefits procedures like wage rates, retirement accounts, health coverage, for employment for their members. Professionals also belong to open ‘associations’ that create large gatherings and trade shows to display innovations and provide recognition and awards for their members, to promote growth and knowledge of the constant changes in technology and practice. Both types of organizations help their members keep up and improve their possibilities, careers and earnings.

YBAMA does not seek to replace such specialty guilds and associations, but seeks to introduce students to the types of networking and practices, that such guilds promote, as well as generally prepare students for membership in these types of organizations. It is assumed that students will eventually seek to join the organizations that promote their chosen interests, if they so desire.

YBAMA will:

  • provide training opportunities via sponsored - events, programs, and community service
  • produce major creative showcase events
  • offer community service and civic engagement through media projects
  • mobilize professional mentors
  • offer free membership to to all its members
  • advocate for 21st Century improvements in schools, tools, policies, and access to, both non-profit and business organizations
  • raise awareness among the general public, adult community and teachers to improve the field
  • solicit media production software and hardware for its members from major industry providers
  • seek discounted costs for emerging technology
  • help with search and applications for next schools and creative partnerships

YBAMA's website will:

  • provide a calendar of activities and sponsored events
  • continually survey members to plan training and projects sought by its members
  • provide registration, forms, and tools for activities and sponsored events
  • show off organization projects
  • facilitate communication and collaboration among members

First and foremost, we are committed to a just, peaceful, loving and extraordinary life and world for all people. We believe that youth are the solution, not the problem. Youth creativity and civic engagement will transform society and all our relationships. Cooperation and collaboration are the foundation of ‘studio’ relationships, and studio – our community - is the basic structure of all media production where interdependence and partnerships lead to shared knowledge and wisdom that result in great media. Excellence is our constant goal and standard. Integrity and being a person of your word are essential to our ethics and professionalism. We strive to produce beauty, meaning, and the elevation of human being and spirit through all our work.

YBAMA is run by students and is sponsored and overseen by the Tower of Youth (TOY) and the Sac-Sierra Digital Studio Arts Partnership (SSDASP). YBAMA is always seeking out students who wish to take on leadership roles in their own futures and communities. For information on becoming a member of the YBAMA governance, please see the Contact page.

The Youth Broadcast and Media Association (YBAMA) is a project of the Tower of Youth, a 501.3(c) non-profit.  More information can also be found at the California Digital Arts Studio Partnership website Information about TOY''s Board of Directors and Officers can be found here.