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From the About YBAMA FAQ (About YBAMA tab):

Professionals belong to specialty guilds - directors, actors, writers, cinematographers, musicians, animators, technicians - to improve their incomes, hone their skills, protect their rights, and have advantages in sharing and growing with their peers. Most ‘craft’ guilds are exclusive requiring an existing member to sponsor new members or require having paid professional job credits to earn a 'guild card’. Professional guilds are like unions. They set professional standards, help with specialized training, handle professional ethics and behavior, and offer protective and work benefits procedures like wage rates, retirement accounts, health coverage, for employment for their members. Professionals also belong to open ‘associations’ that create large gatherings and trade shows to display innovations and provide recognition and awards for their members, to promote growth and knowledge of the constant changes in technology and practice. Both types of organizations help their members keep up and improve their possibilities, careers and earnings.

YBAMA does not seek to replace such specialty guilds and associations, but seeks to introduce students to the types of networking and practices, that such guilds promote, as well as generally prepare students for membership in these types of organizations. It is assumed that students will eventually seek to join the organizations that promote their chosen interests, if they so desire.

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